Social Butterfly

After being good and sober for a week it was time to be sociable (aka have a drink) and there is no better place Downtown than The Cambie. Having your bed under the same roof as the cheapest pub in Vancouver definitely has its advantages, no taxi fare means more beer money and there is no dodgy walk home in a city you don’t know. There is also a decent sized common room in the hostel that is host to some spontaneous communal parties that go on all night.

Cambie Common room

On this evening in particular a group of German students had been down to the States and came back loaded with a 3 litre bottle of gin and a few equally large bottles of soda. Because everything is so expensive here it’s quite common for some to cross the border on food and drink runs.

  Cambie Upstairs

The four weeks at the hostel were a lot of fun. I was the only long term guest in my dorm and most of the girls that stayed with me were only there for a few nights. I had girls from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Montreal, America, Taiwan, and a 72 year old backpacking Tamilian. It was interesting meeting all of these people but after a while I found myself wanting more long term arrangements. Living out of a rucksack and having people coming and going while your trying to sleep can get tiresome after a while.

             One part of Stanley Park

My second week was a bit slow, I had a wee cycle around Stanley Park with Conor and mainly sat on Craigslist all day looking for jobs and a place to live. I wasn’t completely ready to move out of the hostel and was enjoying having a holiday so I didn’t put much effort into following anything up. The fun will have to make way for work soon though…


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