The Hallowed Eve

Halloween in North America, another massive holiday and another chance for me to not celebrate! As a traveller with no money and a lack of space to store new things I opted out of a costume this year though it didn’t stop me from joining in the fun. Plus having a costume would have stopped me from partaking in the great North American tradition of being ‘tickle trunked’. Those in the same circumstances as me (AKA  being tight with the pennies) can grab several random items from the magic trunk at a party. I ended up as a tu-tu wearing Viking.

Later on in the week my flatmates got in the spirit and went out zombified after a few beers and some mandatory games of fooseball.

Zombie Fooseball!

All in all it was a good evening, I was the bore who stayed at home as work at 6.30am and beer do not mix too well but it was great fun taking photos of the guys. Plus seeing four Germans (and one Scot) dressed as the un-dead and chanting loudly is definitely something you have to see!

Aah die zombies kommen!

Apart from the arrival of Halloween things are changing around the city preparing for the winter. Though I did manage to spot this (what I think to be) rhododendron clinging on to the last of it’s summer colour.

Refusing to hibernate!

Elsewhere the colours of the trees are becoming less vibrant as the last of the leafs are falling and others are starting to produce berries which always reminds me of robin red breasts, as whenever I see one it is officially winter for me.

I’m hoping these berries near our place will attract some Robins as they are my ultimate sign that it is winter.


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  1. Janette Graham-Walker November 8, 2012 — 07:08

    Hi there, wow, love the pics of the boys, very apt. poor you not getting out tho!
    und fur die Zombien, Tschuss, or something like that, maybe that’s bye bye, can’t remember.

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