Banff Bound!

Finally! after months of applying to every job on the planet I got offered a great one and in Banff as well! So I packed the rucksack, which for some reason is far heavier than it was when I moved here, boarded the Greyhound and said ‘Adios Vancouver’! And so began my first bus journey across Canada. We hit a road accident so were delayed by two hours almost instantly and off to a great start! At least I had the best snack ever to keep me going.

             The best jerky ever!

After around 15 hours on the bus I arrived in Banff, late for my check in, but when I eventually got to my new place I had the cutest little ‘starter pack’ waiting for me.

             Welcome to Banff!

So Banff was off to a great start in my book and the view from my flat, well…

                     Pretty amazing!

My first day at ‘the office’ was nice and easy and I can’t complain about the location either,

So that is only 24 hours in the new town, I have much more to see and I can’t wait!



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  1. Have fun in Banff! it’s a beautiful place!

  2. Good timing. We are banff bound for next summer

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