A Cross Country Tale

Finally a weekend where there was no work (and no hangover eek)! Since I arrived in Banff work and socializing have taken over my life, in a good way of course! There are so many things about being here that I love and I often think its like living in a fairy tale the way everything is so picture perfect every day. Not to mention there is always fun stuff to do in snow and yesterday I was treated to my first ever skiing experience cross country style! First things first, I needed to get kitted out!


It seemed like blue was the colour of the day, I looked like Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka!
Fashion aside it was time to pack up the car and head off.


And see beautiful sights like this


And funny ones like this


This was my first time being on skis and I think I did quite well as I only spent a tiny fraction of the four hours on my back-side! The most difficult thing was going downhill where I was like a train going off the tracks at times but in general it was great fun. Someone even managed to get an action shot of me trying not to fall down!


Halfway we passed another group and they were kind enough to take a group shot of us all. It was the woman taking it who shouted at us to stick our skis up and I really like it.


I hoped to take more photographs as I need the practise (notice different colour temperatures in about every shot) but I found faffing about with settings far too difficult when it felt like my fingers were going to fall off. I have a lot of time to practise here as my holidays start soon so hopefully there will be an ongoing improvement in my future posts. I’m now thinking ahead to what other adventures I can have, roll on next weekend!



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  1. Janette Graham-Walker December 10, 2012 — 02:01

    Pics are lovely, obviously a great time had by all on “the piste”,lol.
    So fresh and clear over there and soon, Hols to enjoy it, what more could anyone want.
    Loads hugs, MUM xxx

  2. Janette Graham-Walker December 10, 2012 — 02:33

    hi Violet,!!!! great pics, doesn’t snow always look good. y’all obviously happy!
    MUM xxx

  3. Just home looking at all your photos you seem to be having a grate time keep it up speak to you latter


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