A Toast tae Rabbie!

As it was the 25th of January it was only right that I celebrated the birthday of our national bard, even if I had to turn Alberta upside down in search if a haggis! Turns out there was one very close by so you had a narrow miss Albert! Someone from work very kindly agreed to drive and pick them up for me, I ordered two as I knew a lot of people would want a taste! So after that was sorted it was time to go and get the rest of the ingredients, tatties and neeps! Only there is a lack of turnip here so just tatties and tatties I’m afraid!


After my escapade it was time to get the house sorted. Being the only Scot in the group I took it upon myself to educate everyone on why we were celebrating. So I went mad with the sticky tape. First up the front door, so everyone in the building (well my floor anyway) would know what day it was!


And then every other available surface in my house. And my Polish roommates didn’t escape either with the Address To A Haggis taped to their door in its entirety.


So as I had succeeded in gathering up the other crucial ingredients, plus cream for the sauce it was time to make a move. I baked my haggis, wrapped in tinfoil at gas mark four. Each one was just over two pounds so I slow cooked them for 3 hours. While they were in, I boiled five kilos of tatties with one extremely large chopped onion in the water as well. When they were soft I mashed them with cream, butter, salt, pepper and threw in fresh chopped chives. I also made a separate batch lactose free as I knew some of my guests were intolerant. For the sauce I took a carton of heavy cream, added in three tablespoons of Grouse, a tablespoon of wholegrain mustard and let it gently simmer until it reduced a bit. When everyone arrived I let each person read a verse of the Address and hearing Canadians and Americans trying to read in Scots was worth all the effort alone!

So here it is, the beast itself! I lie, this is the leftover one, which I am about to go cut up and fry for my breakfast! But it was a good night and one I’m glad I can celebrate year after year!

Fare weel, alas, forever!


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