Vouz Parlez Français?

It’s been a long time in the making, but my New Years resolution was to learn the second language of the country I am living in, French! I have done two lessons so far and this week will mark my third. It’s going well as I studied the language in High school so I know the basics but the classes are more concentrated on conversational French. And that can be a bit hard to get your head around! I am determined that this time I will learn and be able to speak a decent amount for when I eventually travel to Montréal and then back to Europe. I’m lucky because so many people here already speak French so I am able to practise and I have my trusty work book to keep me going!

I feel as though I am back in school but I am enjoying having something to study again. When I finish my classes at the end of March I will write a short blog in French to show what I have learned, that’s a promise!



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  1. Grate to hear you are learning French as my auld Lossie was my first tounge which is fine when I am speaking to you’re dad or uncle Ape but no one else knows what we are speaking about (sum times that cums in handy) Ha Ha how’s the snow ? Take care here you later

  2. Ciamer a’ tha thu Traighana beag——OOps wrong lingo—-I learned a lot of french in the marines though (maybe the wrong kind)———good luck anyway —don’t get a frog in your throat !

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