Crossing More Country!

Another beautiful weekend filled with a cross country ski, this time at Lake Minnewanka! Just walking to the store to pick up my rental gear had me in awe of what a beautiful day it was!


The Bow Valley River, above, was still fine to cross over on the way to the store. A quick stop for coffee then the car was loaded and we were off!


We arrived at the lake after about a 15 minute drive from the centre of Banff and the conditions were looking great!




On the way up the sun was shining so bright that we found ourselves shedding layers before we even started. The going was a bit slow to start, this was only my second time on skis after all! But I soon got into the swing of things and as it was mainly uphill I didn’t find it too difficult. We made this small bridge, below, our stopping point which is about 6km from the car park but the trail continues for another 20km or so I heard!



We stopped for a quick bite to eat and a seat in the sun before we headed back. I was looking forward to going mainly downhill on the way back, a chance to practise some control!



The sun had moved in the sky so on the way back we were in the shade and found ourselves having to layer back up. Thnkas to the steady descent we were back at the beginning before we knew it, and on our way home for a hot bath!




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  1. Janette Graham-Walker March 14, 2013 — 03:31

    beautiful blue skies, contrasting snow, absolutely stunning country

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