Every year in Banff, the amazing women who help to keep the Mineral Springs Hospital running hold a raffle to raise money. The prize is a VIP night on the town filled with good food and even better wine all while being chauffered in a limo. I was extremely lucky that a friend won the raffle this year and asked myself and four others to accompany him, I didn’t have to be asked twice. The night began with a stretch limo picking us up at our door and driving us to the first house, and what a beautiful home it was. A gourmet spread of cheese, cured meats, smoked salmon and divine wine awaited us accompanied by the relaxing melodies of a gentleman playing the piano.


The hosts were extremely accommodating and ensured we were never without an empty glass. Before we knew it, it was time to jump in the limo and make our way to house number two! Our wonderful hostess, Mary, was Canadian/Ukranian and had spent the day making soup and cornbread. We even had a choice of soup, zucchini (courgette for my fellow Brits), or butternut squash.


The soup was lovely and the cornbread was amazing, it was my first taste of the latter so any future encounters with the delicacy will have a lot to live up to!

Yummy cornbread!

Mary bid us a fond farewell, she truly was an inspiring woman, and gave strict instructions to our next hostess, Claire, that she didn’t keep us longer than necessary as we had to be in time for our final appointment. But for the meantime it was off to house number three for the salad course, and what a salad it was!


Pear, walnut and blue cheese salad served with plenty of crisp prosecco! After some animated conversation (all that wine was kicking in) and loads of petting of Coco, the chocolate Labrador, Claire was ushering us out at 7pm so we were on time for out final meal. Stop number four was the restaurant of the Rimrock hotel where we were to choose a main meal, a dessert and surprise, surprise, a glass of wine. I went for the surf and turf, Alberta certified beef served with shrimp and scallop. It was melt in the mouth delicious!


One of our party had another beef dish that was equally sumptuous!


Wen the time came to choose dessert I couldn’t say no to the milk chocolate creme brûlée with berry compote. I can’t fully explain just how mouth watering it was with the top being perfectly caramelized.


A friend had the banana split which looked just as devilishly tempting as mine!


When the end of the evening came, it was a bit like prom night coming to a close, and I grudgingly climbed out of the limo in the knowledge that I had had a truly beautiful evening. I’m sure there are more to come as Banff always has a surprise waiting around the corner, so bring it on!



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  1. Looks good my mouth is watering looking at all that lovely food well dun to all involved in that worth while cause keep living the dream Bear x

  2. Wow that food looks absolutely mouth watering and I love your commentry on the night, I feel like I was with you! Glad you’re enjoying Canada 🙂 x x x x

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