Cave and Basin

Last weekend was the much anticipated long weekend that I had been looking forward to for as long as I had discovered the Victoria Day holiday existed, about two weeks, but I never say no to a four day working week! The main attraction of the weekend was the grand re-opening of the Cave and Basin, the ‘birthplace of Canada’s National Park system’. Canadian Pacific Railway workers discovered the natural hot spring caves back in 1883, erected a fence around them and hey presto! Thus began the tradition of protecting land by building stuff all over it and attracting thousand of tourists to trample all over the Eco system with their touristy feet. And after three years of renovations I am glad to say that my touristy feet were some of the first to trample over the brand spanking new visitor centre and wood decked grounds.


Above is the cave part, housing a natural hot spring, fenced in by a natural man-made wall. The hot springs here are home to an endemic snail, Physella johnsoni, which is only found in a few areas so has been listed as endangered.


After reading up on the snails, and not spotting any, there was a small amount of exploring and people watching to do.




Mmm sulphur water!



Aaahhhhhhh! The British were here! Please excuse me while I run for my life for fear that I will be claimed, a fence erected around me, and put on display.



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  1. Janette Graham-Walker May 29, 2013 — 23:20

    great pics as ever and a lively commentary

  2. Uncle Georgie May 30, 2013 — 05:12

    Both look forward to hearing what you’ve been up to informative and amusing so proud of you bear xxx

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