Lake Lou, Norquay, and Big Horned Sheep

Another yummy, sunny day in the national park! A spur of the moment drive took us up the winding road on mount Norquay, the never ending bends revealing cyclists, roller skiers training for winter, motorcyclists, and sheep. Lots of sheep.



Halfway up the road, we stopped at the view point, locally called ‘The Bald Spot’, a small area of grass sitting in the middle of a densely forested mountain. I don’t know why trees don’t grow here as the grass is luscious and healthy, but the trees don’t seem to like this part. It gives a beautiful view of the town below though and is where I spent some of my birthday with friends and a few bottles.


After lazing around in the grass for a bit we decided as we had the car (the little red convertible from the previous post) we might as well use it to explore. So Lake Louise was decided upon and we zipped up the Trans Canada Highway, along with what seemed like every tourist in Canada. RVs lined the roadsides and every available piece of space had turned into a temporary car park. The sheer volume of people was astonishing, getting to the lake edge to take the mandatory tourist pic was a battle in itself. But I succeeded.

We stopped at the Fairmont for a beer, fries and some people watching. A bride and groom having wedding pictures taken, chat show hosts, children on skateboards, tourists from all over the world, it really was a hub of activity. Shoes and bottle caps came off and we relaxed, taking it all in.



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  1. Janette Graham-Walker July 31, 2013 — 04:09

    Canada wonderful Canada! great blog as per,,,, Love, MUM xxx

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