Peyto Lake and Rainbows

Leaving Banff on the way to the Athabasca Glacier, we met a lovely lady in Tim Horton’s who recommended we stop at Peyto Lake, as the view was her favourite one in the area. We decided not to stop on the way, as we wanted to make sure we got on the glacier but on the way back we made a few stops and Peyto Lake was one of them. After a very short walk with an elevation gain of only 98 feet (30m) you are greeted with this beautiful view of the turquoise lake.

Peyto Lake

We left just in time as a rain storm began, but rain plus sunshine plus living in the mountains equals amazing, clear rainbows and we were lucky enough to have a double rainbow above us the entire drive home.

Double rainbow




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  1. that was a fantastic view it really is a magnificent country!

  2. Janette Graham-Walker August 29, 2013 — 14:36

    WOW! What a country, and what splendid photography yet again. This country must be shared and you are doing a fantastic job of doing just that. well done!!!!! Azure Blue-Dom, lol

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