Angel Creek Lodge and the Aurora

“You wanna see a dead moose?” came the low drawl from the Alaskan mouth, “Sure” we replied, as we followed the plaid covered man around the back of the main cabin. Right enough there was the hide stretched out and drying in the sun, still bloody, and the legs and carcass hanging in the smoke house. “We spray liquid smoke on em’ to keep the flies off and then its off to the butcher tomorrow”. We were definitely in Alaska.

Angel Creek Lodge is a 15 minute drive from the Chena Hot Springs resort and offers simple cabins for a very reasonable price as well as beer and burgers in the main bar. Owned and operated by Steve, the man in plaid, it mainly serves as a stop over for hunters, hence the dead moose. Our cabin was small, crammed with beds and a propane heater which, combined with cozy quilts made by Steve’s ninety year old mother, provided a very comfortable stay. His nine acres of land was dotted with five cabins and intertwining hunting trails and compared to Chena was free of tour groups and crowds.


To fill our day we did the Angel Rock trail, a 3.5 mile loop that climbs 900m to giant granite outcrops. The autumn colours were vibrant, the trail covered with a large variety of plants, witches-brooms and broomrape at the beginning and cranberries, blueberries, mosses and mushrooms on the north facing slopes. Though the trail is not long it was very steep in some parts and caution is recommended.


The outcrop we climbed, the granite tors were created when molten rock pushed up and cooled before reaching the surface, the surrounding earth has since eroded leaving the rock pinnacles exposed.



A close up of some of the cranberries on the trail.
We returned to the lodge and after a copious amount of bloody Mary’s and shots of fireball, we stumbled outside to catch a spectacular display of the northern lights. Note to self, invest in a tripod for future trips.


Most of these photos were taken by myself, with the exception of the trail photos which were taken by one of my companions.



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  1. Janette Graham-Walker September 13, 2013 — 23:39

    Aurora Borealis is spectacular! The countryside is marvellous!
    MUM, xxx

  2. Davie Mc Lennan-Smith September 14, 2013 — 07:40

    Great scenery Bear! But what did the Moose dae tae deserve that

  3. Wow, beautiful shots of such an amazing happening!

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