Talkeetna and its Moose

While journeying between Fairbanks and Anchorage, or the other way around, it could be good for your soul to stop over and enjoy the relaxed pace of life that the village of Talkeetna offers. Acting as home to many free spirits, artists, climbers and an array of painted moose, this is one town that can offer something for everyone.

Nagley's General Store was originally situated further down Main Street and was moved to it current position in the 1940s.
Nagley’s General Store was originally situated further down Main Street and was moved to it current position in the 1940s.

The main street offers limited accommodation but as I traveled at the end of the season, I had no problem finding a place to stay. The Roadhouse, which has a long history itself as a popular place for climbers to stay, is highly recommended throughout Alaska and was my home for several nights. An added bonus is that they serve fantastic food and for three days I dined on cooked breakfasts, sourdough hotcakes, reindeer sausage, wild salmon, reindeer gravy and even reindeer chilli!


I stayed in ‘The Bunkhouse’, a small, inviting room occupied by two sets of bunk beds and postcards from travelers the world over. This is the place to stay if you want to escape the hostel vibe but expect to be woken up early by hordes of diners right outside the room, dashing to the shower/bathroom in pj’s or a towel is not recommended here.



The town acts as a base camp for climbers tackling Denali, the highest peak in North America, but there are plenty options for viewing the mountain as a tourist and ‘Air Taxi’ services are widely available.

20131211-182454.jpg Cakes and coffee also scored high on the list as there seems to be an unnatural amount of amazing bakers here, I am not complaining, just pointing out that if you want to build up a winter fat supply, this is the place to do it. I found the most adorable log cabin, newly renovated and hidden in a pretty little garden, selling cakes and drinks where I stopped to partake in some cake sampling.


The original cash registrar from the owners grandfathers candy shop, still working, and the modern computer behind.

Every building in the town is made from wood, adding to the home and family vibe. I loved all of the antlers along the side of this hut and it wasn’t the only thing adorned with antlers as my favourite attraction, painted moose, were dotted around the gardens of just about every store. The town is moose crazy, several stores sell painted moose droppings as jewellery, mainly earrings, which I didn’t buy.





A few days is the perfect amount of time to explore this lovely little town, fit in a visit to the Rangers Station, museum and hope that the weather clears to view the mountain.



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  1. I love the moose i bet at xmas he is sum cheil in all his glitter and tinsil good to see youre photos keep living the drem girl girl a the best Murray

  2. Janette Graham-Walker September 19, 2013 — 01:05

    So glad you did not succumb to moose dropping earrings, lol. Pics are getting better and better. keep ’em coming, love, MUMxxx

  3. Davie Mc Lennan-Smith September 19, 2013 — 09:28

    Get in practice Traighana there is a ton of tablet waiting for you——-Doridh removes every bag from me and hides them——–can’t find the hidee hole anywhere—–your sounding good keep going.
    Love Daaaaaaaaaad

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