Moving to the Falkland Islands

After 20 hours of travelling I finally arrived at Mount Pleasant Airport, weary and excited. The drive to Stanley took around an hour over a dusty, gravelled road and I soon realised that a 4×4 is essential out here! I was thrown straight to work, filming and editing and have been kept busy all week. As the weekend neared the weather was still clear and warm and I took a drive to Surf Bay and Gypsy Cove to try and catch a glimpse of a penguin. I was in luck! I spotted a couple of Magellanic penguins that were still hanging around outside their burrows.

A couple stroll along Surf Bay


A Magellanic penguin


Gypsy Cove


A reminder that there are still dangerous areas throughout the islands




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  1. Great to see you back on ‘Blogosphere!’ Super pics, love the penguins and looking forward to seeing more of them later in the year when they come back.

  2. Love the photos – Dad relieved to see the minefields so well signposted ( me too!). Hope you’ll have plenty of time to get out and about with your own camera.
    What an adventure! 😃

  3. No Bears —-Bear?
    Gypsy cove has a rugged beauty to it – enhanced by a sense of remoteness because I know where you are.The penguin is very droll ( did it speak to you )
    I could feel your excitement and enthusiasm through the pictures and words of your post – keep going Bear your on a roll.

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