Elephant Beach Farm


I came to the Falkland Islands looking for an adventure, and I certainly found one in week two. A trip to the north of East Falkland led us to Elephant beach Farm where we saw Gentoo penguins, went off-road driving and even took part in the rescue of a group who had bogged their jeep.

A part of the farm
Off-road driving for the first time took us past some beautiful scenery.
The car that rescued other guests from a bog!
One of the gentoo colonies that stays year round. The owner of the farm calls them his ‘little soldiers of the sea’.


After driving for a few miles we reached a beach, where we found three Rockhopper penguins.


A handful of Rockhopper penguins leaving it quite late until they leave the Island.
We could make out many jellyfish in the sea and bits of them washed ashore.
A few more miles of driving and we were at pebble beach, where people scour the shingle banks searching for the perfect Falklands Pebble to take home. A lone goose can be seen on the top of the hill.
The end of the day at Pebble Beach.
A penguin wing.
Purple shells from the beach.
The convoy ready to head home.


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  1. Beautiful scenery and always adventures on the horizon!
    Love the goose on the hill.

  2. Adventures indeed – much taken with the ‘little soldiers’! We know someone who will be expecting a pebble from the beach, that’s for sure!
    Such a lovely place – great to be able to do the off road driving to get the best of it. 🙂

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