Sheep To Shawl

Sheep To Shawl is an ongoing project where I am documenting Hannah  as she turns the wool from her pet sheep, Milo, into a shawl which she will wear on her wedding day.

Milo is a year old orphan hand-raised by Hannah. This is the first time he has been shorn and Hannah is taking a hands-on approach in every aspect involved, from shearing through to weaving.

Hannah has a go shearing, under the instruction of an experienced Falkland Islands shearer


Three kilograms of wool came off Milo and here the owners at Estancia Farm inspect the fleece, pulling off any soiled or dyed pieces
At the guild of Spinners and Weavers, Hannah picks through the fleece, choosing the pieces she will spin to create yarn
The fleece is filled with natural oil, lanolin, and is very sticky. Experienced spinner, Alison, cards some of the fleece to make the spinning process easier for Hannah
After a few attempts, Hannah gets into the swing of things and manages to produce half a bobbins worth of yarn
The wedding colours have been chosen, and at a dying session it’s time to test the dye on the wool. She has a few experiments first before taking the plunge on Milo’s fleece

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  1. What an interesting story, especially with regards to the wedding day outcome! Great idea from you Hannah

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