El Tren Del Fin Del Mundo

I love travelling by train. Unfortunately there aren’t many operational train routes in South America, with Argentina offering a smattering of part-routes in the middle and further north. The “End of The World Train” offers a 40 minute journey on a steam locomotive originally used to transport prisoners to the forests where they would cut down trees for use in the town of Ushuaia.  So I had to get on board.

From Ushuaia, a shuttle bus dropped us at the train station, where the steam from the engine formed a prominent blanket in the cold, crisp air. At about £35 for a basic ticket, this is a bit on the expensive side, but if you want to travel on the most southern railway, it is a must! Inside the station there is information regarding the three engines that run on the track and you can see in to the workshop where all manner of repairs are made. Bilingual guides will escort you into the narrow compartments and with a whistle and chug of steam you will begin to crawl along the track. A stop is made where you can walk to the Macarena Waterfall and after some pictures, you continue to the end of the line. Here you have the choice to return on the train or take advantage of the many hiking paths in the national park. We walked 1.4 km to the post office, where I sent a very expensive postcard, and then began an 8km trek. The three hour walk took us through autumnal forests, past still lakes and offered spectacular mountain views. We met our shuttle at a check point and began our journey back from the end of the world.

The End of The World station


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  1. Choo choo in Argentina!! What a fabulous little train,,,trainette as it were,,,
    Coldish weather, stunning scenery and a train at the end of the world. Anything else would be surplus to requirement.

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